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Kitty Horton —
Interior Form

Aug 13 – Aug 26, 2020

About the Artist      

Interior Form is the latest series of work by Kitty Horton, which is predominantly using a muted black, white and green palette, flattening further the objects we have placed decoratively in our homes, such as ceramics and plant life. 

In this new colour palette exploration, Horton delivers a textural, semi abstracted glance into the three dimensional forms we designate in our personal interiors, further examining the relationship between drawing, painting and object. 

About the Artist

Kitty Horton

Brisbane based artist, Kitty Horton completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of Art. She has exhibited solo shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, along with group shows nationally throughout Australia and in Miami, Florida. Kitty's artworks are represented in private collections in Australia, New Zealand and France.

My artworks explore the materiality of a combination of oils, mixed media and drawing. As I am inspired by the American Minimalists, I investigate my daily surroundings through creating distorted shapes, forms and motifs. Mark making and the serendipitous accident extend the relationship between painting and drawing. I have recently engaged with spatial configurations within the landscape to provide compositional structures. Through drawing and painting, the juxtaposition of mediums enables me to express the atmosphere of experiencing the landscape. I initiate my artworks through the use of charcoal and further resolve my artworks with oil paint on board. As I resolve my artworks they are further pared back to a limited palette.