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Sep 10 – Sep 26, 2020

Idlewild brings together artists who are continuing their creative practices during this pandemic and making sense of this stillness and pause in productivity. Many of these artists have begun to explore how this shift has shaped work for creatives and to bring focus to the practice of working indoors with still life subject matter and/or interior design elements. The title, Idlewild brings the idea of the wildness one experiences when being idle too long, that stretch for movement and change, and acts as an invitation to explore this time of pause and idle, examine introspectively, and create. 

Peta Berghofer, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Kitty Horton, Leigh Houliston, Kirsten Jackson, Jasmine Mansbridge, Michael McCafferty, James Needham, Alexandra Plim, Amber Simpson, Laura Thomas, Anna Tronson, Hayley Wills