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Group Exhibition —
Et. Al,

Dec 5 – Dec 9, 2018

About the Artists      

An annual group exhibition showcasing small works from the collective artists who have showcased at Side Gallery in 2018, as well as a selection of 2019 artists. 

Come along to the opening night to see what your favourite artists have been up to since their solo shows, sneak a peek into 2019's program and consider small artworks as gifts for the festive season. 

Thank you all for your support throughout the year. You're invited to help us celebrate and join our conversation.

Love SG

About the Artist

Jo Breneger

When I was a kid my mum loved to have a punt on the horses.  She would bring home ‘Turf Monthly’ and I would pore over the glossy centrefold of the winning racehorse. Hours were spent drawing and painting that horse. I remember a friend of my dads, an old plumber showing me how he drew a horse. I can still see his big gnarly hands carefully drawing the rump and belly with a texta. Funny the things that stay with you. 

When I left art school I began working for myself painting signs and murals. It seemed like a good use of my artistic skills to earn a living. It has been a lifetime of learning that beautiful craft and somedays I still feel like a beginner.

In recent years I have been spending a lot of time around horses. I find them to be very benevolent and healing creatures to be with. Once again I have found myself endlessly drawing and painting them trying to capture the beauty I feel around them.

Photography: Sarah Norton

About the Artist

Julie Paterson

"Coming up to Brisbane from my home in NSW always means visiting friends like Leesa, and having a quiet catch up. Typically I hang out and walk the streets, photographing and sketching the buildings and environment near where Leesa lives and works. Sometimes we go for a drive and she points out places that I might like. 

I consistently find much of the architecture of Brisbane delightful — being a textile designer by trade, the layering of pattern and texture always grabs my attention and imagination. Over the years I’ve taken to painting simple little compositions of what I’ve seen on found card or wood. When Leesa asked me what I’d like to put in the show, I said, my paintings of ‘Brisbane Architexture.’ It’s a good slip of the tongue that made Leesa laugh, so that’s what this ongoing series is called." 

Julie Paterson, 2018

About the Artist

Kate Barry

Kate’s journey has been acknowledged with numerous finalist selections and esteemed awards, including winner of The Hawkesbury Art Prize, highly commended in the Lethbridge Landscape Prize and The Milburn Landscape Prize, finalist in The Lethbridge 20,000 prizes, NEAP, National Emerging Artist Prize online selection, Clayton Utz Prize, and Brisbane Contemporary Art Prize.

Her artistic footprint spans the globe, with solo and group exhibitions in Queensland, NSW, and Christchurch. Her works are held in Australia, the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. Notably, her pieces find a cherished place in The Modern Furniture Stores’ collections across various cities. Furthermore, her work found prominence on the international stage through ABC television’s crime drama Harrow.

As Kate’s practice surges ahead, marked by a multitude of accomplishments—ranging from commissions to online and boutique sales, television features, and national prize finalist positions—she seamlessly integrates this progression into her exploration of new conceptual dimensions, challenging the boundaries of her successful painting career.

About the Artist

Kitty Horton

Kitty Horton’s artworks often explore the materiality of oils, mixed media, ceramics and drawing as primary mediums in her visual art practice. Inspired by the American Minimalists, Kitty investigates her surroundings by creating distorted shapes, forms and motifs. Mark-making and the lucky accident extend the relationship between painting and drawing. Kitty has recently engaged with spatial configurations of interior objects to provide compositional structures. The mediums of drawing, ceramics and painting enable Kitty to investigate further the hard and soft duality of opposing, sometimes complimentary, interior forms. 

Kitty completed a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University) in 2013 and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Senior years) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2014. Kitty actively participates in the arts industry with public art projects, workshops, and residencies. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia and a group exhibition internationally in Miami, Florida. Private clients in Australia, New Zealand and France collect her work.

About the Artist

Krista Berga

Auckland-born, Brisbane-based, Krista Berga works across sculpture, drawing, painting, text and installation. 

“In both form and content, Berga's works are acts of transgression and transformation ... palpable and in fact electrifying.” — David L. Clark

About the Curator

Laura Brinin

Laura Brinin is a curator of contemporary art, currently facilitating the vibrant program at Side Gallery in the heart of Red Hill, Brisbane. With an unwavering passion for nurturing connections with emerging and established creatives, Laura is dedicated to fostering artistic growth through avenues such as social media, branding, and identity development.

Laura has exhibited her own work both in Australia and overseas, as well as working as an independent freelance curator across Brisbane for over ten years. In her downtime, you can find her reading, travelling, or stalking dogs.