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(x+1) Ghosts

Apr 13 – Apr 21, 2023

(𝑥+1) Ghosts explores the concept of the divine and its various interpretations through symbolism, iconography and repetition. The works on display offer glimpses into a parallel, thinly veiled world of "other", each with a unique representation of the divine. From majestic depictions of ghost deities to abstract expressions of the sacred, this exhibition explores the mystical and the transcendent. DvR has studied design, religion and philosophy and combines these disciplines exploring symbols of otherworldly iconography, beauty and the mundane. These works are an ode to the human condition: seeking answers, exploring the "other", and how we are interconnected. Or, in DvR's words, they could just be rad ghosts?

DvR is a Brisbane-based artist exploring the themes of the religious and the profane, symbolism, ritual and repetition. Repeated motifs are comprehensively reworked and reimagined, creating an experimental body of work using spray-painted layers in a vast array of compositional arrangements.