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Untitled (TIME 2011 – )

Jul 14 – Jul 29, 2016

To date, there is a completely natural progression in my art practice; a cumulative response from very humble beginnings. All of my oeuvre is a testament to childhood memories as a girl, completely spellbound by the light refractions around the room from my mother’s crystal bracelet in the unique light of outback Queensland.

The meticulously crafted, multifaceted work of Susan Lincoln employs light, material and form to convey a secular spirituality. Combining sculpture, installation and photography and acting as Memento Vivre (reminders to live), Susan’s work explores personal experiences, contemporary attitudes and universal themes.

In Untitled (TIME 2011 –) we see Lincoln extend her practice into process based drawing. The presented scrolls while finely delicate and seemingly fragile, in their use of translucent paper and white ink, are the result of a process of repetitive endurance by Lincoln, who creates line after line over the course of hours and days and weeks. Present in this work are signature elements of Lincoln’s broader practice including a dedication to a monochromic palette and highly refined understanding of materiality as well as the conceptual focus on memory and time passing. Indeed each scroll exists as an attestation of Lincoln’s presence over time, each line a recorded moment that passes into the next line, the next moment, a constant work in progress.