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Mar 11 – Mar 17, 2021

TOLERATE is the accumulation of Bailey Lang’s study of the body and human sexuality. The work explores the intersection where the human body and sexuality are situated, both historically and now, within the art world and the wider public.

The human body in its natural bare state is considered a censorship grey area, as the use of the nude form still sits within the realm of sexualised imagery, even without added sexualised or obscene graphic content. The use of nudity across multiple public medias such as advertising is widely considered taboo, however the naked body has been increasingly present and accepted in modern and postmodern art. 

Historically, some artistic concepts and movements have contributed positively to the conversations around societal norms and ideologies. The body of work exhibited in TOLERATE is Lang’s contribution to the conversation around public perception of sexuality and the deconstruction of censorship through photography.