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Natacha Arena —

Sep 28 – Oct 7, 2023

About the Artist      

As Natacha Arena succinctly says, "I am a painter working in the language of abstraction." Looking at the body of work in FROM THE SNOW ON MY TONGUE TO THE FIRE ON YOUR SHOULDER, one can recognise Arena's bold, colour-fuelled compositions and rough brush strokes, a signature of the abstract language she favours. Using memory and feeling as a guide, Arena intuitively directs the work's composition with a mix of acrylic, charcoal and pastels, which she explains allows a more physical, bold and intense approach to mark-making. 

FROM THE SNOW ON MY TONGUE TO THE FIRE ON YOUR SHOULDER is a collection of small paintings and more significant works on paper. The paintings, later informing the larger scale format work, give us an intimate experience which Arena describes as "snapshots of sensations". The more significant, predominantly more expressive works on paper are an extension of the paintings. As viewers, we can consider the action and physicality of the body of work, not just the outcome.

Referencing the natural and emotional world around her, Arena is interested in a truthful relationship between emotion and expression, created through movement and the fulfilment of her painting practice.

Simply, Natacha Arena paints what she sees and feels in the full-bodied, vibrant way she sees, feels and remembers it. 

View the exhibition catalogue with essays by curator Laura Brinin and artist Milenko Prvački here

About the Artist

Natacha Arena

Natacha Arena's visual art practice centres on painting intuitively, referencing the natural and emotional world around her through the language of abstraction. 

Natacha started her Fine Arts and Art History studies in Belgium and further studies in Singapore. She obtained a Bachelor of Art in Painting in 2009 and a Master's in Fine Arts in 2010. Natacha has been a finalist in different Art prizes in New York and Australia and has had solo shows in Belgium, Singapore and Australia. Natacha has travelled extensively in the Asia Pacific and Europe and has now settled in Brisbane, Meanjin.

About the Curator

Laura Brinin

Laura Brinin is a curator of contemporary art, currently facilitating the vibrant program at Side Gallery in the heart of Red Hill, Brisbane. With an unwavering passion for nurturing connections with emerging and established creatives, Laura is dedicated to fostering artistic growth through avenues such as social media, branding, and identity development.

Laura has exhibited her own work both in Australia and overseas, as well as working as an independent freelance curator across Brisbane for over ten years. In her downtime, you can find her reading, travelling, or stalking dogs.