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Nov 15 – Nov 23, 2018

About the Artist      

For the longest time, humans have sought the solitude of nature as the inherent environment for self-reflection . We often seek to process, discover and contemplate while walking, even as little as 30 minutes of walking outside daily is for the physical and mental health of the human body. 

It is no wonder then, that when artists MCRT.Studio explored ideas of identity and roots on a 7-hour hike, the resulting works are raw, strong and resolved. The body of work, titled simply, Seven, is a collection of seven photographs, seven collages, seven digital images and a mural to topographically represent the hike undertaken by the artists. Every hour, MCRT.Studio would document the current view and notarise the feeling of the body and mind. 

MCRT.Studio sought to explore ideas of roots and identity of a multinational individual, as the beginning of a series exploring this idea. The process begins at MCRT.Studio artist Rozelle Tan's roots in New Zealand where the artist was born and lived. She was brought up with a Filipino and Singaporean heritage to further shape the artist’s ideas of identity.

Documenting the natural landscape of New Zealand’s Tongariro Alpine Crossing, and the ideas of the artist as she walked through the surrounding environment is similar to the process taken by George Rue, an American artist who connects with the Appalachian Trail. While Rue uses sketching and installation to resolve ideas around the culture of hiking and nature, MCRT.Studio has documented the mental journey of exploring the lands and places that have a sentimental, if not genealogical connection to the life of the artist. 

Seven is the first exhibition to catalyst the beginning of a series the artist will be pursuing as she investigates further the countries and experiences that have informed who she is as a multinational visual artist. 

Artwork Notes

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A4: $149
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About the Artist


@MCRT.Studio are artists representing conceptual and commercial visual culture worldwide. Established in 2017 and based in Australia, the brand operates across creative platforms ranging from photography to street art. Their diverse but distinct portfolio reflects and engages the contemporary landscape through murals, sculpture, paintings, prints and commission works.

The duo has acquired the following academic qualifications from esteemed University of the Arts London. Alumni includes the likes of Florence Welsh, Alexander McQueen & Quentin Blake.

— Bachelor of Illustration
— Bachelor of Business Management
— Foundation Degree Graphic Design

Commencing the @MCRT.Studio business in mural design, they have created a lasting mark on the cultural landscapes of the streets of Sydney with under 14 pieces spread across the city. This put the duo on the map, being invited to create a mural for the music industry’s top music conference BIGSOUND. Not stopping there, @MCRT.Studio was hand-picked to create mural works for government buildings in Yiyang, China.

In 2018 the duo have expanded their practice in Brisbane with back to back gallery shows and diffusion pieces found in Brisbane’s trendier bars and cafes. With debut show Through the stars boasts 200 people at opening and short of a sell out show by a few pieces. Highlight piece ‘My Father Was a Writer’ was shortlisted for the Inaugural Waller Prize shortly after.

Latest collection ‘Seven’ is a multimedia show consisting of mural work, landscape photography, collaging and short films. A show fans are much anticipating, it’s not one to be missed. 

About the Curator

Laura Brinin

Laura Brinin is a Brisbane-based curator of contemporary art. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) in 2012 and continued her visual art practice overseas in 2013 in Canada with a Visual Art residency. Upon returning home, Laura has since pursued a determined curatorial practice as noted through five years’ professional practice with the Creative Industries Precinct exhibitions and public programs office, and a practice-led curatorial development internship through Queensland University of Technology. In 2014 Laura assisted in the facilitation of multiple new media exhibitions including ANtIMATION and The New Aesthetic? at The Block. 

Laura has exhibited her own work both in Australia and overseas as well as working as an independent freelance curator across Brisbane. This primarily focussed on engagement and activation of public spaces, including running bi-monthly exhibitions at The Menagerie, and public programs such as the Papergirl Brisbane project. Laura also worked with Brisbane City Council, QUT and Brisbane Street Art Festival to produce ReForm at Kelvin Grove’s ex-military base upon Gona Parade and Parer Place.