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Stella Danalis —
Into the Fold

Nov 3 – Nov 21, 2019

About the Artist      

Into the fold is Stella Danalis' most recent investigation into the folded form as a vehicle for colour. Danalis' art practice explores the pictorial language of geometric abstraction, with a primary focus on non-objective colour structures. ‘Into the fold’ is an accomplished continuation toward the way materiality affects colour. Part of the exploration into materiality has landed Danalis in an informed, yet playful position to explore acrylic, and the way opacity, reflective light, transparency, form and fabrication affect a colour palette. 

About the Artist

Stella Danalis

Contemporary artist Stella Danalis investigates the interplay between colour and form through the pictorial language of geometric abstraction. The purity of geometric form offers her an avenue by which she can nurture her instinctual disposition toward colour. Stella's polychromatic, architectonic constructions float and collide, hug and repel, allowing geometric narratives to unfold between colours and shapes. Her ripe geometries ground the viewer through their colour and form.

Stella's colour fields are a dramatic change from her former creative oeuvre as an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. For over three decades her graphic eye has brought publications, novels, posters, packaging, advertisements and brand identities to life. Her children’s picture books have been nominated for children’s picture book of the year and published in a number of languages and her illustrations have featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and newspapers. Stella's work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and published in Australian and International journals. She has also had the opportunity to pass on her knowledge and passion to others as a lecturer at Griffith University. Her dedication to the creative process has seen her receive over 100 awards and honors for her work. Her work is held in private and public collections throughout Australia.

About the Curator

Laura Brinin

Laura Brinin is a Brisbane-based curator of contemporary art. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) in 2012 and continued her visual art practice overseas in 2013 in Canada with a Visual Art residency. Upon returning home, Laura has since pursued a determined curatorial practice as noted through five years’ professional practice with the Creative Industries Precinct exhibitions and public programs office, and a practice-led curatorial development internship through Queensland University of Technology. In 2014 Laura assisted in the facilitation of multiple new media exhibitions including ANtIMATION and The New Aesthetic? at The Block. 

Laura has exhibited her own work both in Australia and overseas as well as working as an independent freelance curator across Brisbane. This primarily focussed on engagement and activation of public spaces, including running bi-monthly exhibitions at The Menagerie, and public programs such as the Papergirl Brisbane project. Laura also worked with Brisbane City Council, QUT and Brisbane Street Art Festival to produce ReForm at Kelvin Grove’s ex-military base upon Gona Parade and Parer Place.