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Group Exhibition —

Dec 15 – Dec 23, 2016

About the Artists      

Side Gallery is reflecting on the first year of exhibitions. We've gathered together a selection of artworks by artists who participated in our 2016 program. Some of these works may be familiar while many of them are new and all are small and intimate: affordable gifts for the festive season. Shown together they generate a web of interconnection, revealing where we've been and perhaps also sensing the ways forward for Side. You're invited to help us celebrate and join our conversation.

DJ Michelle Xen will bring a unique ambience to this special evening in the lush gallery garden.

About the Artist

Kate Barry

Kate Barry is originally from Christchurch and with a degree in illustration, printing-making and graphic design, Kate enjoyed a hefty career in the book publishing industry, focusing on the design and illustration aspects of this field, before returning to full-time painting.

Immersing herself in the visceral stimulus and raw physicality of paint, Kate’s works are an intuitive disassemblage of the confines of our constant digitally stimulated lives. Painting is an almost primitive, spontaneous response to our natural surroundings and sensory internal dialogue. Works explore traces of nostalgia and the innate emotional re-engagement with the energy of nature that is all around us. Through paint on canvas, she breaks through the periphery into a raw terrain of bold brushwork and vitality of colour.  As we pass by we allow ourselves to be drawn in. 

In the last year, Kate Barry’s prolific painting practice has gone from strength to strength. Completing multiple commissions, selling work online and through retail boutiques, paintings showcased on television and interior design magazines and having multiple finalist placings in national prizes. This new exploration into process is a natural step forward for Kate to challenge the status quo of her successful painting career and develop the accompanying overarching concepts. 

About the Artist

Krista Berga

Auckland-born, Brisbane-based, Krista Berga works across sculpture, drawing, painting, text and installation. 

“In both form and content, Berga's works are acts of transgression and transformation ... palpable and in fact electrifying.” — David L. Clark

Photography: Wayne Talbot

About the Artist

Ross Booker

Ross Booker is a Brisbane based visual artist, working primarily as a landscape painter.

Ross graduated from the Queensland College of Art in the early 80s and started exhibiting regularly in the early 90s. More recently he has been represented by Woolloongabba Art Gallery.

Walking, drawing and camping in central Australia has been a major influence on Ross’s art practice since 2008. 

In 2013, artHIVES published a book on Ross’s work: Out from Alice — painting and drawing in central Australia.

In 2012, Ross won the People’s Choice at the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and 2014, won the Cathedral of Saint Stephens Art Prize (COSSAG). He has also been a finalist in the Lethbridge, Milburn, Broken Hill and Alice Art Prizes.

About the Artist

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill is a Brisbane based visual artist working primarily in drawing and painting, with a background in lithographic printmaking. He is also an educator, illustrator and writer, as well as co-director of design studio, Storkhorse.

Aaron’s most recent work shows a distinct departure from the figurative style for which he is known. Applying his extensive drawing prowess to depicting the realms of intangible experience, his current work moves into powerful new heights of the abstract, resulting in a calming, nature based aesthetic.  

About the Artist

Susan Lincoln

Susan Lincoln is an established contemporary visual artist with a rich connection to regional and rural Australia, and the women in Lincoln’s family who have shared experiences of these landscapes. It is the nostalgia, unique environment, and familial connection to these places of importance that has left a signature mark on the majority of Lincoln’s works over the last decade. Lincoln’s oeuvre exhibits the lived experience of the bonds of motherhood and family; from the memories of her mother’s crystal bracelet which would reflect light, to the heartbeat performance video enacted by Lincoln and her daughter, the works always have a root hooked in the ideologies of the feminine and plays with the idea of secular spirituality. It is these themes which inform the works in this latest exhibit. 

To be in the presence of Lincoln’s work is to understand the artist’s desire to promote an experiential or immersive experience, one which is rooted in philosophy, memory and reflection; much akin to works by contemporary French Conceptual artist Christian Boltanski. Where Boltanski used similar materials and conceptual frameworks to form a recreation of the past, Lincoln’s work ventures to ascend toward a greater understanding and ultimate reflection of the past, to clarify ideas and transform heavy philosophies into objects and experiences of beauty for the future. The incredible lightness of being invites contemplation and connectivity to a selection of works on paper, video, small and large-scale sculpture,  and invites intimacy and viewer participation with the work.

The incredible lightness of being held at Side Gallery is an explorative landing strip for a larger body of work which will tour Australia in 2019–2020. 

—  Download Susan Lincoln's CV

Photography: Sarah Norton

About the Artist

Julie Paterson

"Coming up to Brisbane from my home in NSW always means visiting friends like Leesa, and having a quiet catch up. Typically I hang out and walk the streets, photographing and sketching the buildings and environment near where Leesa lives and works. Sometimes we go for a drive and she points out places that I might like. 

I consistently find much of the architecture of Brisbane delightful — being a textile designer by trade, the layering of pattern and texture always grabs my attention and imagination. Over the years I’ve taken to painting simple little compositions of what I’ve seen on found card or wood. When Leesa asked me what I’d like to put in the show, I said, my paintings of ‘Brisbane Architexture.’ It’s a good slip of the tongue that made Leesa laugh, so that’s what this ongoing series is called." 

Julie Paterson, 2018

Photography: Eva Phillips

About the Artist

Michael Phillips

 Born 1959. Lives and works in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia. 

About the Curator

Beth Jackson

Beth is a curator of contemporary art with over twenty years’ professional experience working in the gallery sector and in the realm of public art, across public and private spheres. Her curatorial consultancy practice Artfully, established in 2012, seeks to embed art meaningfully within social contexts and built environments. For Beth, curating is not simply about having a bird’s eye view of the field, picking ‘winners’ or ‘rising stars’. It is a deliberate investment in process and dialogue between curator and artist, between artists and fellow creatives, fostering living and ongoing conversations, encouraging peer review, collaborations, sharing and problem solving. Involvements include studio visits, camping on locations, sharing informal joint activities, more formal workshop scenarios, and facilitating professional introductions and networks. Side Gallery is an opportunity to have intimate and serious one-on-one conversations with artists for a particular ‘snapshot’ within their practice. Beth has abiding interests in feminism and environmentalism. She produces art criticism for journals such as Eyeline Magazine as well as for exhibition catalogues and other publications.