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Expedition: Artists from Side Gallery

Apr 1 – May 8, 2022

Side Gallery invited a small group of artists to visit Armidale across a weekend. The aim was to explore how the artist’s work/process may evolve when taken from the usual surroundings and studio environment. The artists were encouraged to make work, explore, mingle, reflect on working differently, and respond authentically to Armidale’s township and environment. Meeting with NERAM’s Director, Rachael Parsons, the group experienced a regional Museum tour, including an educational collection tour, and met some of the local artists of Armidale and Walcha. Of course, they took in the fantastic pastoral landscape of New England, too. Expedition: Artists of Side Gallery is the collection of works created by Side Gallery artists Kate Barry, Melanie Brady, Susan Lincoln & Adrienne Williams in response to Armidale’s landscape, township, people and environment.