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Cyclical Patterns and Burning Lights

Sep 13 – Oct 5, 2018

Cyclical Patterns and Burning Lights presents a mixture of new and some previously exhibited works which builds on the ideas and methods explored in Greer’s previous solo exhibitions. This exhibit will feature a combination of two dimensional works in mixed media and collage, and assemblages of found object sculptures. Cyclical Patterns and Burning Lights includes objects and artefacts which have been collected, as well as some which are evolutionarily worked-over, over the last 30 years or more. Collectively the works sit well together under the premise of materiality and conceptual exploration. Greer’s practice has dabbled in subject matter including identity, politics, satire and humour, while exploring complex theories of aesthetics and presentation. Greer approaches this explorative period of his accomplished art career with knowledge and resolve, yet allows the materials to dictate play in an investigative and intuitive way. Greer explores principles of intuitive colour, patina and form, as well as scale and balance. The works are highly resolved in their presentation and historical nods to the modern ideologies dating as early as the first Bauhaus works is evident.