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Colour Ensembles

Jul 30 – Aug 12, 2020

Side Gallery’s curated exhibition features Louise Isackson’s colour-sound compositions inspired by the jazz world’s most iconic improvisational artists. 

With intensely rich and luminous colour, Louise Isackson paints with emotive intent while influenced by her combined passions: Colour and Music. Often hovering between abstraction and realism, Louise Isackson paints with vibrant colour and shimmering brushstrokes to express her passion for sound/colour correlation. 

Colour Ensembles is music-in-paint journeying through Light, Sound, Form and Colour. Designed to excite all the senses, this collection of paintings represents the corresponding vibrations of colour alongside select sounds including two famed Miles Davis tracks. 

Isackson draws inspiration from Kandinski’s The Spiritual in Art colour correlation theories. She interprets the sensory impact of colour by combining shimmering brush stroke effects with elusive abstract forms. The result is a collision of sound and sight that brings to life the raw emotional experience of music, only splashed across the canvas.

“My titles are often referring to notes, tonal keys, tempo, music theory and movements. What I’m most inspired to create in my paintings is translating the emotion of sound into colour, form and light. My process involves painting while listening, developing an intuition for the corresponding colours, building up layers of shapes, marks and tones in structural compositions that visualise a resonance similar to musical vibration”.