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Julie Paterson —

Jun 12 – Jul 3, 2015

About the Artist      

Julie’s highly sought-after artwork combines a distinctive sense of the organic with a masterful understanding of geometry and proportion. 

“ClothBound is a book that's taken me twenty years to write. It showcases my creative process, tracing the development of ideas all the way from first images and notes made in my sketch books through to resolved collections. This book tells those stories, celebrates the imperfect and offers up a modest philosophy of sorts. It's the heart and soul of Cloth in 240ish pages, and I'm proud of it.” 

Clothbound — published in 2015 by Murdoch Books, an imprint of Allen & Unwin. Publisher Jane Morrow.

Photography: Sarah Norton

About the Artist

Julie Paterson

"Coming up to Brisbane from my home in NSW always means visiting friends like Leesa, and having a quiet catch up. Typically I hang out and walk the streets, photographing and sketching the buildings and environment near where Leesa lives and works. Sometimes we go for a drive and she points out places that I might like. 

I consistently find much of the architecture of Brisbane delightful — being a textile designer by trade, the layering of pattern and texture always grabs my attention and imagination. Over the years I’ve taken to painting simple little compositions of what I’ve seen on found card or wood. When Leesa asked me what I’d like to put in the show, I said, my paintings of ‘Brisbane Architexture.’ It’s a good slip of the tongue that made Leesa laugh, so that’s what this ongoing series is called." 

Julie Paterson, 2018