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Susan Lincoln —
Untitled (TIME 2011 – )

Jul 14 – Jul 29, 2016

About the Artist      

To date, there is a completely natural progression in my art practice; a cumulative response from very humble beginnings. All of my oeuvre is a testament to childhood memories as a girl, completely spellbound by the light refractions around the room from my mother’s crystal bracelet in the unique light of outback Queensland.

The meticulously crafted, multifaceted work of Susan Lincoln employs light, material and form to convey a secular spirituality. Combining sculpture, installation and photography and acting as Memento Vivre (reminders to live), Susan’s work explores personal experiences, contemporary attitudes and universal themes.

In Untitled (TIME 2011 –) we see Lincoln extend her practice into process based drawing. The presented scrolls while finely delicate and seemingly fragile, in their use of translucent paper and white ink, are the result of a process of repetitive endurance by Lincoln, who creates line after line over the course of hours and days and weeks. Present in this work are signature elements of Lincoln’s broader practice including a dedication to a monochromic palette and highly refined understanding of materiality as well as the conceptual focus on memory and time passing. Indeed each scroll exists as an attestation of Lincoln’s presence over time, each line a recorded moment that passes into the next line, the next moment, a constant work in progress.

About the Artist

Susan Lincoln

Susan Lincoln graduated from Griffith University QLD College of Art in 1996 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Interior Design) and a Master of Visual Arts Research Degree in 2010. Her research exegesis examined “Maintaining socio-cultural narrative through Form and Light.”

In 2011 Susan was awarded an established artist grant from the Australia Council for the development of a clip together portable meditation space, which when entered, immerses the participant within spectral light. In 2014, YOU ARE HERE (aka The Rainbow Room) was selected as a Finalist in the acclaimed McClelland Sculpture & Survey Award in Langwarrin, Victoria.

In 2018, Susan received an Arts Ignite Grant, made possible through Arts Queensland and its Queensland Arts Showcase Program. The grant supports the development of new works for the exhibition YOU ARE HERE 2. A national regional touring program is currently under development to tour the show with Museums & Galleries Queensland. Susan is also the 2018 Artist Touring Mentorship Program (VACS Funding) with Museums and Galleries QLD.

Her publicly commissioned major artworks include Min Min Lights at the Brisbane International Airport Terminal and FOREST in the Capalaba Town Centre. Gadens Corporate Art Collection, actor Nicole Kidman and the QLD Theatre Company, among others, have purchased Lincoln’s beautiful and ethereal sculptures. Susan has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has completed numerous private commissions throughout Australia.

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About the Curator

Rachael Parsons

Rachael Parsons is a curator and academic within the Creative industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours (Visual Arts) in 2006 as well as her Masters of Research in 2011 from QUT. Rachael’s masters research explored new curatorial methodologies for the exhibition of digital and new media art practices. She has exhibited her own work both in Brisbane and internationally and has worked as an independent freelance curator focusing on digital media and experimental art exhibitions running programs such as minute gallery and the Backdoor Gallery.

In 2011 Rachael joined the curatorial team at QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct as the Exhibitions Officer and curator, facilitating their new media exhibition program. In 2012 Rachael joined Brisbane-based artist-run initiative Vegas Spray as a Co-Director to facilitate a range of programs and platforms that support and promote cultural ecology of Brisbane including BNE Art and the Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival.