About the Artist

Michael Stiegler

Australian artist, designer, and photographer Michael Stiegler has an extensive professional background in Sydney and New York, collaborating with prominent figures and entities such as Virgin Hotel New York, Kate Moss, Dina Broadhurst, Ines Rau, The Kills, and The Dark Hawks.

His dynamic painting, illustrations, and mixed media creations harmonise with his edgy photographic style, with his immediate environment deeply influencing each artistic discipline.

Stiegler's works seamlessly blend his passion for art, fashion, and photography, exuding a vibrant street-art aesthetic where he skillfully juxtaposes the coexistence of ugliness and beauty, mirroring the complexities of real life.

Through his art, Stiegler provides incisive commentary on the excesses of contemporary culture, deftly portraying themes of vulnerability, desire, anxiety, and the insatiable lust for consumption in our modern world.

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