About the Artist

Bonnie Hislop

Bonnie Hislop is a ceramicist specialising in hand building and ceramic illustration. Grounded in technical skill, her practice has evolved from creating illustrative ceramic cats to large-scale sculptural work. Bonnie uses her forms to critically engage with the world around her and document the human experience. Working from her Meanjin home studio, Bonnie meticulously handcrafts her forms through an involved and often uncertain process inherent in working with clay. She unites bright colours and satirical shapes to engage her audience in a dialogue with the physical world around them. Her work intersects traditional representations of ceramics with a craft aesthetic to create a contemporary interpretation of the ceramic medium. The artwork doesn’t take itself too seriously yet can capture personal experiences universal to the human condition. Her practice aims to encapsulate universal experiences of frustration, angst, grief, and emotional fatigue, as well as tenderness, intimacy and desire. The performative, brightly coloured ceramics forge an existence through joy and curiosity. 

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