About the Artist

Robin Greer

Robin Greer is a contemporary Australian artist based on the Northern Rivers of N.S.W. 

Greer's successful early career as a formal portrait artist in the UK in his late teens and early twenties has informed his later practice with his knowledge of formal artistic principles. A fervent reader and collector, Greer's personal work developed from portraiture and has since been subject to heavy experimentation with collage and constructivist assemblages. Text, symbolism and metaphors are rife through Greer's later works and as such, his oeuvre is resolved with obvious ties to pop culture and art history. Greer has been represented by the highly esteemed Watters Gallery in Sydney for the majority of his professional career. His recent exhibition, Cyclical Patterns and Burning Lights showcases Greer's preliminary explorations into sculptures of deconstructed and reformed found objects.