About the Artist


@MCRT.Studio are artists representing conceptual and commercial visual culture worldwide. Established in 2017 and based in Australia, the brand operates across creative platforms ranging from photography to street art. Their diverse but distinct portfolio reflects and engages the contemporary landscape through murals, sculpture, paintings, prints and commission works.

The duo has acquired the following academic qualifications from esteemed University of the Arts London. Alumni includes the likes of Florence Welsh, Alexander McQueen & Quentin Blake.

— Bachelor of Illustration
— Bachelor of Business Management
— Foundation Degree Graphic Design

Commencing the @MCRT.Studio business in mural design, they have created a lasting mark on the cultural landscapes of the streets of Sydney with under 14 pieces spread across the city. This put the duo on the map, being invited to create a mural for the music industry’s top music conference BIGSOUND. Not stopping there, @MCRT.Studio was hand-picked to create mural works for government buildings in Yiyang, China.

In 2018 the duo have expanded their practice in Brisbane with back to back gallery shows and diffusion pieces found in Brisbane’s trendier bars and cafes. With debut show Through the stars boasts 200 people at opening and short of a sell out show by a few pieces. Highlight piece ‘My Father Was a Writer’ was shortlisted for the Inaugural Waller Prize shortly after.

Latest collection ‘Seven’ is a multimedia show consisting of mural work, landscape photography, collaging and short films. A show fans are much anticipating, it’s not one to be missed.