About the Artist

Adrienne Williams

"In my own quest to become phosphorescent — in which I lost myself many times in dark holes and swamps — it was awe and wonder that I kept returning to, and the quiet healing properties of nature: 
the forest, the sea and the creatures they contain.” Julia Baird, Phosphorescence 2021

Adrienne has always been drawn to the wilderness — to nature’s quiet, sheltered spaces and its exposed wild places.

Her practice is an ongoing navigation of connection to particular habitats and site-specific stories. Merging selected landscape traditions and colourist techniques, her plein air recordings are translated into dreamlike, utopian compositions.

Adrienne paints these wilderness stories — the miraculous, the beautiful, the dire — through the romantic lens that is memory. 
Her recent works reflect the quietude of nature’s forms, nestled 
with the messy beauty of complex plant communities.

Adrienne’s works on canvas and paper include drawing, painting 
and printmaking. She has exhibited professionally since 1999 in commercial and public galleries.

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